Versatility Fitness Individual Programming

As much as we’d love for our group classes to work for every person in every situation, sometimes they don’t.  As a baseline, our classes are perfect, but to push your fitness to the next level, you ought to add some individualization into the program. It will get you where you want to get faster.

A personalized program is a chance for you to work specifically towards your goals, not just the overall goals of our classes. We’ll run you through a physical assessment and a battery of tests to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. From there we’ll develop a targeted program designed for you to improve whichever aspects you need to improve. This program is all about you.

Programming is an art form. Training style is determined by a variety of factors including age, training experience and background, schedule, and current fitness levels. Our programmers bear all of this in mind to create the best possible program for you.

Want to train for an obstacle run? An athletic event? A CrossFit competition? Military or police specific training? We can cover all of that and more with an individual program.  Results are guaranteed.

Here’s a sample of improvement over a 3 month period of individual programming

Test December Score March Score Percent Improvement
Power Clean 225 240 6.2%
Back Squat 355 385 8.5%
100m Sprint 14.34sec 13.70sec 4.5%
1 Mile Run 6:37 6:12 6.3%
10 Min AMRAP
200m run
10 np burpees
15 kb swings
5 rds + 150m 6 rds + 100m 18%
40 Min Row for Meters 8822m 9962m 13%

We offer this programming for people with at least 6 months experience in training. We also offer it to athletes training remote, outside of our gym, looking for a training edge.

For more information email us at or call us at 512.655.9348