Memberships and Rates


It is difficult to jump right into one of our group classes, we do many different exercises, and we want you to have some familiarity with them before you start. All of our memberships start with our Elements program.

Elements consists of 5 personal training sessions that will guide you through training at Versatility Fitness. You’ll learn how to execute movements safely and effectively and work through different workouts in each session. We’ll also talk about how to approach training with us, nutrition, scaling, and things you can do on your own to maximize the effectiveness of our training.

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VFIT Classes

The majority of our members participate in our VFIT classes. Our group classes are designed with general fitness in mind. You’ll lift weights, run, jump, and move your body in all planes of motion. We vary the workouts each day so you’ll never get bored. Our coaches know how to modify the workout based on your individual needs.

The benefits of a VFIT membership include individual instruction, camaraderie, motivation, and a competitive atmosphere to help you succeed. All at a fraction of the price of personal training.

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Not sure which one is for you? Book a No Sweat Intro with one of our coaches and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Personal Training & Semi Private Training

Personal training is the ideal way to improve your overall fitness. Your session and training plan will be personalized and individualized based on YOUR goals. We’ll assign fitness homework to do outside of our sessions to help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible. All of our personal training packages include an Open Gym membership, giving you access to the gym more frequently to reach your goals! Semi-Private training is also available so you can train with a friend and save!

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